the rebuilding has just begun…

helping, holding hands, poetry on medium, poetry, neighbor
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Same Wind
As I travel across this land
I am reminded of things said before
such as needing to help and respect all
from Heaven’s gate to Nature’s door.

And that a brother is a brother
while doing only what is fair
as we listen to the…

with hypnotic gestures signaling your soul…

ireland, travel seeking, poetry on Medium, poetry, intimacy
Inch Beach, Ireland. • ©Tim Anderson

Infinite Journey

Windswept images sprinkled along a stretch
mile after mile upon timeless beaches
sandy or rocky but always here or there
to remind us of our brittle mortality
as we seek to understand the infinite mystery.

Destiny is a deep hole — black…

I know I’ll find exactly what I need…

travel, journey, intimacy, new roads, poetry on medium, poetry
Into the Wild • ©Kean


The signals flash with subtle strength
as I look to the side the window is ajar
beckoning with a twisted rod and reel
to pack my bags and travel far.

To go where I have never been
with no possessions to call…

letting go of the shame and the blame…

family, relationships, poetry on medium, poetry, intimacy
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Ignorant Desires

Remembrances of sleepwalking into the night
and vaulting over backyard fences served
to remind me over the years of how much
I wanted to leave and be in a place of peace;
a home of love and respect, acceptance and support,
without the constancy of…

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is an Albuquerque writer/artist/photographer/blogger/publisher.

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