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This poem arose out of an afternoon reflecting on relationships from my past. It’s about the feelings shared between a couple that are powerful and at times overwhelming. These feelings can serve to enable us to tumble into places and spaces rarely discovered in any other way.

Even if the…

the gift is in your hands…

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When I moved to Seattle in 1983, I began writing poetry in earnest. I wrote about everything! All the angst from my divorce, my shortcomings, income challenges, relationships, and the like.

As those topics were fueling my poetic leanings at the time, there was…

Fall Colors. ©Tim Anderson

As I was finishing my previous post, I opened this in my email and I simply couldn’t resist sharing it. Enjoy your day of giving thanks, no matter how you participate in its real meaning.

I celebrate Thanksgiving but not for the traditional reasons. It is a celebration of my…

Dancing Shadows. ©Tim Anderson

This piece is an edited version of an article I wrote a few years back for a magazine. Someone (Her) reminded me the other day that it was time to dust it off a give it another take. She was right, as usual!

Actually, it is a slight combination of…

that supreme Self is our true identity…

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Cathedral of Trees. • ©Kean

One of the things I do is collect writings from people I admire. Sometimes I find pearls of wisdom from the most surprising sources, people who are definitely mainstream. Of course there are those pearls of wisdom from those we have read.


poetry on medium, poetry, romance, life lessons, intimacy
Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash

A Symbiotic Refrain

And what of this muse of my madness,
this all-consuming cacophonic craft of creation
that ceaselessly drives me from comforting arms
toward and over a hauntingly familiar edge
of despair, insecurity, poverty and incisive pain
ever-relentless in its insistent lyrical lure
of release me from the ties that torment — and…

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is an Albuquerque writer/artist/photographer/blogger/publisher.

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