A Symbiotic Refrain (poem)

Tim Anderson
2 min readNov 16, 2021
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A Symbiotic Refrain

And what of this muse of my madness,
this all-consuming cacophonic craft of creation
that ceaselessly drives me from comforting arms
toward and over a hauntingly familiar edge
of despair, insecurity, poverty and incisive pain
ever-relentless in its insistent lyrical lure
of release me from the ties that torment — and

How much longer will the charade last
as I rhyme my life from within cells of solitude
while continuing to be without its sustenance
and acknowledging the paths of other disparate denizens
who penned past the point of extinction
mythic parables in the direction of deaf ears — where

Home and rest for the soul is unknown…
in a life where the corners have no names
while making a million decisions with little meaning
for my heart is a jagged-edged puzzle
in aimless pursuit of its missing-in-action pieces
as time stills in veiled anticipation — of

Canyons and confusion echoing from the point of no return
urging reply from ne’er-do-well money mongers
with eternity measured in discordant heartbeats
as faceless images advance and retreat without relief
continuing to taunt as the tease is sharpened
urging the final count of ten to be taken — until

Sabotage of self is readily evident…
in an unsolicited effort to understand the persistent pain
when veins are emptied of life’s metaphors
testing the waters of the eternal fountain
as it anoints and whets a starving being
hungry for what it contains — and what it all means…

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