Get/Want/Have To (Godin)

Tim Anderson
1 min readJan 31, 2023

the magic trick begins…

Get/Want/Have To

Get to, want to and have to are an endless braid.

How much of our time do we spend on each?

Have to is often up to someone else. The things we’re required to do by the system or the people in it.

Get to is a matter of perspective. Trust and health and leverage and privilege allow us to do certain things that others might not.

And want to is a choice, and is often squandered. When our day is drawing to a close and we’ve done everything we have to, the choice of how to spend/invest/waste the next few minutes often ends up with mindless stalling or entertainment.

The magic trick begins with realizing that the get to tasks are priceless want to moments if we choose. And, if we’re careful and plan ahead, we can get to the point where the have to agenda is something we can eagerly look forward to.

When all three are in sync, things get better.
©Seth Godin



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