In the Waiting (poem)

Tim Anderson
2 min readNov 1, 2023

with arms open wide…

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Intimate Portraits. ©Tim Anderson

In the Waiting

We begin with a promise without knowing the end
would come too long in the waiting for a future
that was never meant to be among the remnants
of a past littered with too many thorns and horns
meant to break and take a spirit mired in quicksand.

The apathy garnered of a life lived on the edge
of passion and emotion at times without grasping
the one on the other side of the sword of promise
held in weakened fingers and with little hope of recovery.

One by one and five by five the years faded while
blinded eyes were kept closed to shield the truth
of abandoned hopes and dreams of a life never to be
without help and assistance of the one never known.

One obstacle after the other lays across a path
strewn with past lives and lost loves regardless
of promises made and promises broken
until it was too late for the giving and the receiving.

As one door closes and another opens
with arms open wide and hopes and dreams
waiting for closure and exposure to elements
unknown in the waiting and to lives in the waking.

The path of least resistance was followed
too many times for even less benefit in the effort
and an end result of too much left wanting
for the pursuit of a union never meant to be.

A heart may break and a soul can be left wanting
from broken promises cast into waterfalls of regret
as attempts at love are the foundation of living
and what else can be said of life without the effort?

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