It’s About Our Meeting

Tim Anderson
1 min readJun 18, 2022

a soul too long in discovering…

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Photo by Allan Dias on Unsplash

It’s About Our Meeting

There was a subtle rhythm
to the way your hand met mine
as fingers entwined knowingly
without the usual awkwardness
and we said hello — with an echo.

Incisive questions and inquisitive eyes
kept me continually at the ready
and forever at bay without regret
as the alchemy in the whisper of your voice
led me to and fro through countless emotions.

On the witness stand of my wayward life
you pursued with probing questions
relentless in an apparently lucid quest
to see through and beyond walls
erected out of fear and misguided insecurity.

Hardened artifices built with precision
and crafted by the keen-edged knife of rejection
weakened at the nearness and gentleness
of a soul too long in discovering its source
while remaining ignorant of its power.

Too few questions asked too late in return
left me with an insatiable and wanting thirst
as desire wished advancement of destiny’s hands
while I began counting the lifetimes I would wait
until I could gain lose myself in all that you are.

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