Left or Right, You Decide

Tim Anderson
2 min readSep 25, 2022

each path offers infinite possibility…

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Photo by Einar Storsul on Unsplash

Left or Right, You Decide

We seldom know
which road to take
given this choice
or that
while each one
may look promising
surely there are corners
around which
the vision is not clear.

Again, how do we decide
what criteria we should follow
that might give us
the best opportunity
of those offered
so that we may
make the right choice
about where we might turn
and which path
we might choose to follow.

Even though
there are challenges
left or right
ahead or behind
this challenge has appeared
often in our lives
where we worry
about the choice
rather than thinking
about the process.

We have already
been behind
so we might consider that
a choice-no choice option
left or right are both ahead
which leaves
the remaining choices
much easier
as well as
moving us forward.

There are many things
upon which we can rely
when making
the ultimate choice
of right or left
of the two paths
ahead of us
which may lead us
to confusion
and a certain level of
as we ponder
and we ponder
and still… we ponder.

Tim Anderson

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