Let It Go

Tim Anderson
2 min readJul 28, 2022

one by one…

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Photo by Nicolas Tissot on Unsplash

Most of us
have lived a life
of desire & pursuit
as we have
our way
from childhood
to the teen years
and then
and then
into adulthood
bringing trash
and other detritus
along with us
whether planned
or not.

we arrive at a point
where and when
we know
that too much
is too much
the time has come
the time has come
to take stock
of what
is in our closets
garages & attics
basements and sheds
and the time has come
to let it go…
one by one
two by two.

Many things
have been attained
that only
for a short time
served us
in the manner
for the purpose
for which
it was attained
as it began
to gather dust
and the excuses
began to become
with too much
to do and
not enough time
that it
began to become

In the letting go
of that
one & only
prized possession
fear of missing out
began to cloud
the purpose
of that letting go
without THAT
what will be
your identity
and what will be
your strength.

Tim Anderson

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