Many Shades of Grey

Tim Anderson
2 min readJul 31, 2022

the bill has been paid…

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You already know
the path to take
and the road to follow
because it was written
all those years ago
at the dawn
of your birth
and the opening
of your eyes
as those around you
gasped at the bellowing
and the strength
of your arrival.

And so it is
and so it will be
because there are no other
beings like you
in this lifetime
or so many others
as you have
staked your claim
subtle as it may be
you are not a shouter
you are not ego infested
you are, simply
here and now
and manifested
in today.

The days of the past
are just that…
the past
with little or no
validity to the claim
that the hold
of your destiny
or your future
just because they existed
in a form
that is not entirely you
at this point in time
but rather only
a portion of what
makes you… you.

The mask of remembrance
is a slippery slope
of denial and
negative shades
of pastoral legacy
bought and paid for
many times over.

The bill has been paid
and there are
no more receipts
for the balance
sought in recompense
for deeds performed
in the darkened closets
of familial duty
and seemed respect.

Tim Anderson

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