More Than Possible (poem)

Tim Anderson
Oct 22, 2023

and the other heart…

romance, love, self help, poetry, intimacy
Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

More Than Possible

Is it still
possible even
all these years
of trying
with little
for the attempt?

The way the wind
teases your hair
as you stand in wonder
on a bluff
at the edge
of the world

as you cast
fears and hopes
desires and wishes
out across
the universe

in search of
a lost or
lingering love
that may still
be out there

the roiling
white caps,
tossing your love
this way and that,
for the beach
in vain, once more.

Is it then
that all you
hope for
is right
in front of you

as it has
always been
waiting for
your hand
and you heart?

The other hand
and the other heart
is waiting…

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