The Poetry of Song II

Tim Anderson
2 min readSep 17, 2022

shells began their gossiping again…

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Here is another song I really like because of the power and poetry of the lyrics. I think I may have discovered Amy Speace on Pandora, where I find most of my music these days. At the end of the lyrics is a link for the video. I hope you enjoy it as as much as I do, even after many viewings. I think the video is unique, as well as visually compelling.

The Sea & the Shore

Said the Sea to the Shore when the evening tide came in
“I am here to tell you tales of where I’ve been
In the shells I’ve whispered my love songs in secret rhyme
And left them at your door for you to find
Tempered the force of my waves when your Gods would roar
And took care of the ships full of men that you sent off to war
I’ve longed for you for so long” said the Sea to the Shore

Said the Shore to the Sea “You left me here too long
I was promised to the moon while you were gone
He waited until the brightest night
To demand my hand under his fullest light
And promised he’d always stay and watch over me
Oh why did you wait ’til now” said the Shore to the Sea

Said the Sea to the Shore “I swore I’d return
And here I am with all that I have learned
I can hold you now with arms of foam and spray
Touching you at the coming of dusk and the breaking of day
Smoothing out the folds on every stone”
Said the Sea to the Shore “don’t leave me here alone”

Said the Shore to the Sea “You’ve said all these things before
And I tell you I can’t hear them anymore
Oh there was a time once I’d have given in
I’d hear your savage white caps rolling in
Your troughs would come up slow beneath my chin
Your mist would kiss me softly on my skin
Leaving the salty trails where you had been
My legs would give out in your undertow
Oh but Sea that was a long long time ago”

So the Sea took one last look and turned away
And the Shore was more than strong enough to stay
And castles melted back into the sand
Driftwood drifted up onto the land
Rocks rose up proud in shinny skin
Shells began their gossiping again

©Amy Speace (The Sea & the Shore video)

Tim Anderson

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