The Precipice

Tim Anderson
2 min readJun 24, 2022

(She’s back!)

I am sitting on The Bench after a few days of rainfall and (of course!) She is there, once again. I am looking at leaves and the voice comes alive…

The Precipice

Where do we turn
when we arrive
at the precipice
of self-knowledge
and foresight
knowing that
even though
we can see a clear path
though the faraway forest
and past the mountains
the seeming distance
isn’t in the miles
we have traveled
or the challenges
we have faced.

We no longer
have to put one foot
in front of the other
or don our hiking gear
to ascend yet
another jagged and
to only discover
that the journey
of our life
is no longer out there.

The success
of a life well-lived
is counted
by a far different
and the time
has come
(for some of us)
to realize
we already
all that we need
to know.

As clarity begins
to emerge from the mist
and we look
at challenges conquered
and the turning
of many pages
to arrive where
we are
at this time
and this place
the call is no longer
out there
when we realize
the real lessons
are just beginning
to be recognized
no matter our age
as we open our eyes
to the endless possibilities
of looking inward
and going deeper
with all that
we already know.

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