They Still Remain (poem)

Tim Anderson
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They Still Remain

At my age
I have lost many
with the first
being when I was 10
and if nothing
I was confused.

No one
had talked to me
about death
either the lead up
or the leaving behind
I was confused.

When it came to
high school
it was two team-mates
only a short time
were challenging me
on the football field
I was no longer confused.

As more years have passed
I have come to realize
they never leave
your or your mind
as small miracles
happen to remind you
why they remain.

You pass a building
and there they are
around the corner
around the bend
around the heart
around the soul
I am (again) confused.

I am not sad or at a loss
I am pleased
that those who have passed
in my life
left a mark
that will never
be forgotten
that will never
allow sadness.

Through their presence
in my life
I learned a bit more
about my self
I learned a bit more
about my relationships
I learned a bit more
about life.

I learned that however
we have come to meet
for you to be a part
of my life
there must have been a reason
there must be a cost
I am no longer confused.

You improved me
you challenged me
you made me better
you completed me
in some way
and in the best way
you lifted me…

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