This is Where I Belong (poem)

Tim Anderson
1 min readApr 23, 2023

light shining at the crest…

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Calle Valderas, National Reserve,NM. ©Tim Anderson

I wrote this a couple of years ago and I thought it would go well with Earth Day


This is Where I Belong
The sound of leaves playing tug of war
with the wind as it gusted its way
along the winding road to a destination
not yet realized but forever there

Made me stop in my tracks
as if I were the first human
to set foot in this emerald-green valley
where there was no past and no future

But there was light shining at the crest
of the hill where the road disappeared
into the heavens and beyond
to a place of seeming destiny and fulfillment

And in the presence of today
listening to the calming sounds of the forest
can I at last realize where I belong
is where I have been my whole life.

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