Transitional Photographic Practices (in short)

Tim Anderson
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I just finished reading an article by David Young about AI-generated images in relation to photography. While I did agree with the writer’s concept I did have questions about certain logistical comments. So much so that I had to respond. Please respond if you have thoughts on this subject. I am very interested in your opinions, especially since I publish a photography magazine.

Transitional Photographic Practices (in short)

When photography as we know it began to ease its way into the cultural mainstream, is was not the proverbial bolt-of-lightning. In the 21st century all that has changed. Transitions evolve much more quickly. The current heightened interest in AI art is a perfect example.

I am a photographer and have been for a very long time. I still create/capture images with a camera, seldom a phone, which would only happen if I didn’t have a camera. My feeling is that with traditional photography you had the image maker, the image, the chemicals, the print.

Next came the image maker, the image, the file, post-processing, the edited image, the print (hopefully!). If you want to look at it simply, that’s it! That is all there is to it.

Just as when digital roared its transitional head a few years back, and the cries of the passing of traditional photography (chemical based) was a sure bet. If that had been true and you bet a few bucks on its passing, you would have lost.

As a photography magazine publisher (Shadow & Light Magazine) I have learned that photography has many levels. Its true origin is under a bit of debate and I am not a photographic historian, so I will let that one rest.

I have seen many variations of the medium, no matter its label. Fundamentally, it is art. Whatever terminology is decided upon for AI, and its ilk, will not be for me to decide. Personally, I have little interest in the art-form.

A creative vision is just that — a creative vision. How it is conceived and produced is up the individual.

Will I publish AI generated imagery? Not for now (knowingly).

Me? I’m sticking with photography! It’s what I know and what I teach and what I write about. I appreciate art in ALL its forms. All. Its. Forms.

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